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A product you bought and was dissatisfied about

IELTS Speaking Part 2- A product you bought and was dissatisfied about

You should say:

  • What was the product
  • From where did you buy it
  • What was not satisfying
  • And explain what you did about the product

Sample Answer:

It would be probably 1 year or so when I bought a cell phone and went through a horrible experience. I bought Nokia C5 cell phone from a Nokia shop of the city shopping mall. I saved the amount to purchase a cell phone over 6 months that would allow me to use the internet and install applications. Due to my budget deficiency I though Nokia C5 would be a good choice and the salesman also convinced me to purchase this particular one. I spent almost half an hour for testing the phone before purchasing it

I used the cell phone for about a month and I was very happy with its performance. It was touch phone and mostly operated with the fingertip. All of a sudden one day I noticed that the touch functionality is not working and hence I am unable to use it and do anything. I restarted the phone and I found it okay again. But that problem kept reappearing over and over again and I took the phone to the service centre. After a week I took back it home and used smoothly for 2 weeks or so and sadly the problem reappeared. That was a very frustrating experience and I explained my daunting experience to the customer care officer and he assured that they would fix it. But to my surprise, I found the problem again. That day I decided to through it in the dustbin and bought a new cell phone by a different brand and manufacturer. Though I have not thrown it away to the dustbin, I placed it in a box with old and unused materials. I later bought a new cell phone by Sony and found it really cool

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