Dating online is popular because of technology. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?


Dating online is popular because of technology. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

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Many individuals claim that meeting online is more useful than face-to-face meetings. Because new technology can ensure many opportunities in this field via the internet. In my view is that technological advancements may affect people’s meeting habits. I will explain my reasons for this case in the following paragraphs.

In my everyday experience and obvious that people prefer to meet other people through online platforms. It has many advantages to them and this case can ensure more convenient to their life. In addition, meeting online can show a more accessible way of connection in daily life. ,Also relationship is raising around the world. For ,example one can meet online other countries’ communities whenever they want. After , if individuals want to meet in this way, they will connect directly. Next, in the past , the time many people did not have online dating because technology had not enough of these platforms.

Besides, the most negative effect on society is that online dating can damage tradition, culture and customs regularly. Because many communities know that this meeting is not real so they only spend leisure time with others. Hence, this situation should cause some problems among people. Such as if one man sees a beautiful girl via a webcam on the computer, both of them will meet face to face in the real life but they will not appreciate them normally.

To sum up, technology is improving day by day and these developments have some social problems ,for example, social interaction can be affected negatively because that is not really meeting does not reflect accurate personal features.

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