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Describe a challenging job/ profession you know about

Describe a challenging job/ profession you know about

You should say:

  • What it is
  • What qualification it requires
  • What are the responsibilities of this job

And explain why you think it as challenging

Sample Answer:

In my opinion being a Police officer is a challenging job. In fact, I can clearly understand this from my acquaintances with a friend of my brother whose name is Jacob and who works a police officer in our city

To work in the police force, someone must be a by-born citizen of this country and has to finish at least 12 grades. Then comes the physical fitness and to be allowed to be a police officer, someone must have minimum 5 feet 7-inch height and a good physical structure and work stamina. The background of any individual has to be neat and clean to be the part of the police department as the authority always does a background check of the applicant. There is a very rigid training that every selected individual has to pass to be finally appointed in the workforce

The responsibilities are huge and honest. Every police officer takes the oath to serve the country and people. Their primary responsibility is to establish the law in the society and track the people who do not abide by the laws. They take challenges to find a criminal, they try to keep the peace in the society, they work as the protector of the good people and they hunt down the bad guys

Being honest and maintaining the vows a police officer takes at the beginning of his/her recruitment is a pretty challenging task. There are plenty of opportunities to be corrupted and earning illegal money and a good police officer has to refrain him/ her from this. The criminals in a society often are the powerful people and a police officer has to take risks to control those criminals. The officer must be ready to work any time needed and often stays away from home and family for a long. In most of the countries, the police officers are not high paying employees of the country but the challenges they take (both psychologically and physically) are greater than most of the other professionals. From my conversation with Jacob (the friend of my brother), I learned many daring and puzzling challenges he has faced. He has even taken challenges that could have easily killed him and yet he is not always honoured by people. This is a professional where new challenges and dangers always wait in the road

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