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Describe a childhood song you remember well

Describe a childhood song you remember well

You should say:

  • What the song was about
  • Where you first heard this song
  • How old you were then

and explain how you feel now when you hear this song

Sample Answer:

Childhood is the best part of one’s life and the memories are unforgettable. I heard a song in my childhood and still I sing the song by myself unconsciously

The song was about the early days of the singer Brian Adams. The lyric is composed in a continual manner to refer few events of his life and how he dealt with the days. He starts the song describing his buying a guitar (but did not mention the type) and its price from a local shop. Then he starts telling about the details of using the guitar and band formation to perform rock songs. But unfortunately the band members were split for different reasons, one of them got married while another one quitted. But Adams did not lose hope and continued his practice. He is lamenting for the past days which were best in his life. He also formed a relationship with a girl during a summer job but that also did not last for longer like the band

When I was a teenager, I used to visit the home of a senior brother and he frequently played the song. It was a favourite song for him and accordingly it also turned popular with me too. I started hearing the song whenever I got chances. But it was difficult for me to listen in those days as there were fewer playback instruments like radio or cassette players. So, I used to go to the house of my senior, and that was located just the opposite of our building

I was a student of the ninth or tenth grade. It was my teenage. I liked the song because it is about recalling the past days but there are no regrets for missing the days. The singer is simply describing the events and it is emotional for him but he is not regretting as he missed his girlfriend or band members. He is still on his way and living with music. He loves music and never thinks of getting split with it like the other people he met in his early days

The song is evergreen to me. In the current days when I listen to the song, I got the similar feelings that I felt in my teenage. It appears that the events are happening before the eyes and I am an observer of the entire story. This song is a unique one and been entertaining a large number of people globally. I believe most of the people who are familiar with the song feel the same as I do

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