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Describe a children’s park you have visited recently

Speaking Part 2

Describe a children’s park you have visited recently

You should say:

  • When you went there
  • Who was with you
  • What you did there

and explain why you went to visit this children’s park

Sample Answer:

Last month I vited a children’s park in our area with my 8 year’s old nephew. He was getting bored at home and his mother requested me to take him outside and I took him to the nearby children’s park. It was in the evening and there were lots of other children who came there with their parents. I found that my nephew Smith was very happy to be in this park and he enjoyed the activities offered there for children. He rode on many rides and ran for a long until he got tired

I went there after a very long time and enjoyed the children’s activity as they were playing, shouting and joyfully running in the park. There were many trees and flowers in this park and I was mostly watching my nephew or the other children

At a time I found that John had already made two/ three playmates and they all came to me and asked me to take a picture. I took few photos of those angelic kids and bought them some nuts and ice-creams. When the darkness started falling around us, I asked my nephew to get back home and we started walking towards home. Both of us enjoyed our sudden visit to that children’s park though one of us one not a child at all.

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