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Describe a common transportation system for commuters in your city

Speaking Part 2

Describe a common transportation system for commuters in your city

You should say:

  • What kind of transport it is
  • What types of people use this transport
  • How convenient it is

And explain whether you like it or not

Sample Answer:

Public Bus is a very common transportation system in our country and the majority of the commuters in cities and urban areas use this transportation system. There are two types of public bus systems in our country- short distance buses and long distance buses. There are many governments owned bus service system which is available mostly in the metropolitan system. There are varieties of sizes in these buses ranging from 10 seats to as many as 100 seats and even double-decker buses as well

People from all classes and economic conditions use these buses and who do not own private cars, most of the times use this transportation system. Since there are cheap and expensive buses based on the facilities allowed, people with low earnings mostly use the non-AC, small buses. While the people with better economic conditions use air conditioned and a bit expensive service

This is the most convenient transportation system in our country in terms of expenses and availability. Hiring taxi or private cars cost a lot and they are not always available. So people mostly depend on the public bus transportation system which offers a very low fair and are always available for almost all of the destinations

I mostly use this bus transportation system for short and long distance travels and communications and I find it very handy. Though there are some disadvantages of this transportation system, I would say still this is the best way for commuters to more to different places in my city.

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