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Describe a creative person whom you admire

Describe a creative person whom you admire

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How he/ she is creative
  • How you know him /her

and explain why you admire this person

Sample Answer:

The American songwriter, artist, writer and singer, Bob Dylan, whose original name is Robert Allen Zimmerman is a very creative person I know about. I also admire for his creative songwriting and noteworthy songs. He is, in fact, one of the most influential songwriters and singers of all time and I respect him greatly

He was born in 1941 in the USA and due to his remarkable contributions to literature, he was awarded the Nobel Prize recently. The Nobel Prize for literature is awarded both for lasting literary merit and for evidence of consistent idealism to a great extent. Dylan’s songs have such creativity, consistent idealism and universal appeal and without any doubt, he is a very talented and creative person

He is such a powerful and influential singer that his song like ‘The times they are a-changing’ and ‘Blowing in the wind’ became anthems for the American civil rights and anti-war movements

His creative and dazzling lyrics incorporate a vast range of social, political, psychological, philosophical, and literary influences. As a musician, he has sold more than 10 million records. Besides, he is also a talented painter

I knew him first when I heard his song ‘Slow Train’ from his album ‘Slow Train Coming’ in my early college days. I have explored his music and heard most of the songs sung by him. I have also read several articles online about him and his works. I know him as a revered songwriter and he is one of my favourite singers of all time

I admire him mostly because of his talent and outstanding contribution to the music, lyrics, and literary works through his songwriting. There were times when his music personally inspired me, motivated me and helped me forget my pain. I have never met him in person but he seems like someone I know for a long and very closely. I respect him as a great musician, admire him as a songwriter and consider him one of the greatest minds of the present era.

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