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Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect

Speaking Part 2

Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect

You should say:

  • where you were on this day
  • what the weather was like on this day
  • what you did during the day
  • and explain why you thought the weather was perfect on this day

Sample Answer:

Days before the winter are perfect, I think, for travelling across the beaches in Florida. The days remain sunny and clouds float on the air with a light shape. In such a day, I went to Clearwater Beach on last month and had some wonderful moments

The Clearwater Beach is located on the west central coast of Florida and the entire area is divided into several parts- residential and resorts. The locality is famous for its white sandy beaches. The beach is around four kilometers in length. Different water vehicles and ships always occupy the harbor. Besides, there are some restaurants available to cater the needs of travelers in the locality. Usually, a large flock of the visitors get engaged with the leisure activities like jet ski driving, travel on boats, parasailing, golfing, fishing etc. on the beach. In such days, the beach area remains crowded by thousands of local and foreign tourists

The beach is considered as one of the best beaches in the USA and the resorts also famous for their world class service. Besides, the weather was sunny and clear. Right before the winter, there are some changes in the weather pattern. But fortunately, there were little such changes found and thus I planned for the trip. Actually, I had long been planning that I will rise early in morning and pass an entire day at the Clearwater Beach in such a sunny weather. But hardly I could manage time then for my classes and exams. Since my exams were over, I was a bit relaxed and made the day out for me, alone. If the weather was cloudy, I could not have done the trip in Clearwater Beach. I think I had to wait for some other day to make it happen

After breakfast on the day, my first destination was to reach the beach on foot (this was a 15-minute walk from my home in Florida). Earlier I had lost my shoes and decided to move now on barefoot. Arriving at the beach, I selected a place to make my camp with the umbrella. I walked for around half an hour on the beach. The sands were wet by waves and I felt no sun heat reflected from them. I took a boat tour for the next one hour. Visiting the Clearwater marine aquarium was another great experience for me. Though I visited the place with dad, it was my first solo visit. I planned to have a ride on the waterski but discarded the idea due to the unusual waiting line. Just before the noon, I swam on the beach for half an hour. In fact, I played with some kids on water than swimming

Usually, the Florida weather is almost unpredictable. Though it rains heavily in October for the subtropical climatic condition, fall makes late to appear and summer does the same. In such conditions, the weather remains sunny only for few days. I took the chance and made my day. The day started with a bright sun and fortunately, I had no important tasks to complete. The college being closed for three days made it more convenient for me to go out. Considering all the aspects, I thought the weather was perfect for going to the beach. At the end of the day, I really enjoyed the perfect weather.
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