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Describe a factory or office you have visited

Describe a factory or office you have visited

You should say:

  • What type of office it is
  • What types of people work there
  • Why you went there

and explain what this factory or office produces or work for

Sample Answer:

A few months back I went to a call centre office named ‘Tech 5’ where my friend Ronald used to work. It was a huge office with more than 300 employees and was on the entire 3rd floor of the Lotus building. This company is the largest call centre in our city and has employed many students and professionals

There were two types of employees three: Full time & Part time and students mostly worked there as part time employees. Students with good communication skill in English were eligible to be interviewed there. After getting employed, the students could choose their preferred shift for work. The full-time employees were mostly in managerial, administrative and IT networking jobs while the call centre agents mostly were mostly students and fresh graduates. There were some middle aged call centre agents who took this field as their long term profession and worked there from 9 to 5

I went to meet my friend Ronald who was in office at that time. He asked me to lend him some story books and was supposed to meet me near my home. But in the evening he called me to meet him in his office so that I could give him the books as well as talk to his manager regarding a part time job I was looking for

This company mainly relied on outsourcing and call centre jobs. The agents in this office were mostly young people who either called the end users for selling products or services or received calls to give certain information to customers or to record their complaints about a particular product or service. The office used to work for large multinational companies to provide the customer care service or to promote their products or services. In return, they would earn the commissions or a contracted amount. They also had a software development and web designing team who used to work for the direct clients.

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