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Describe a family business you know about

Describe a family business you know about

You should say:

  • What kind of business it is
  • how you first heard of this business
  • what the family does for this business
  • and say why you think it is a good family business


Many of the poor and marginal level people have changed their fortune wheel by business and when they engage their family members, the business grows more for different reasons

Mr. Rafael Sabitano is my neighbour and owns his restaurant which is his family business too. He has owned the business from his father and been continuing with his family members. Mr. Sabitano has engaged his brothers to run the restaurant located at a corner of Rue de la Huchette. Though there are lines of restaurants in the street, his restaurant is preferable b y many of the tourists and also he proudly owns some regular customers. His restaurant offers different sorts of traditional French cuisine for the clients. Besides, you can have your foods both in and outside of the restaurant. Usually, during the peak hours, Mr. Sabitano has a large open space before the restaurant where he has set up a couple of small tables and chairs for the consumers

We are new to the apartment block and I heard about the restaurant for the first time from my mother when she asked me if I am interested in accepting the invitation of the neighbour living the next door. Since I had no important tasks on the day, I agreed and visited the restaurant. Initially, I thought that the neighbour might have invited us to attend any programme but I realised later that it was the inauguration of his restaurant after renovating from the mid of this year. He has decorated the restaurant beautifully and also has appointed three different chefs for cooking Asian foods. I with the other family members really enjoyed the delicious foods. I have never tasted the Asian foods before due to their spicy nature but they tasted good on the day

All the members of the family are involved with the restaurant business. As the family head, Mr. Sabitano is responsible for the overall maintenance of the business. His immediate younger brother is assigned to collect the bills while his wife looks after the food preparations. The other younger brother is responsible for the daily shopping activities. The food ingredients are collected from the local markets and they never bring the low-quality ingredients. Moreover, the cooking preparation process is neat and clean like the other restaurants in the street. To maintain the restaurant, they are to remain busy almost around the day. The restaurant usually opens at 8.00 am and closes at around the midnight and the family members (except the kids) have to remain busy in line with the waiters to entertain the customers.

To me, it appears that this is a very good family business. Firstly, all the family members are working together which is not found in other cases. The profits are shared equally among the family members. Paris is considered as one of the most expensive cities and the expenses are higher in most of the cases to live in the city. Many of the service holders cannot manage their daily life based on office earning, and thereby get engaged into different additional income generating activities. But the businessmen here do not need to worry. They earn enough to manage themselves. Being a tourist place, the restaurant business is one of the profitable sources of income for the businessmen, legally. With the restaurant, Mr. Sabitano’s family is living an honest and solvent life.

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