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Describe a film you have never seen but would like to see

Describe a film you have never seen but would like to see

You should say:

  • What kind of film it is
  • What it is about
  • Where the story is set

And explain why you would like to see that film

Sample Answer:

I have a must-watch list of movies and I would like to watch them all over time. One such movie that I would like to see is ‘Citizen Kane’. This movie was directed, co-written, produced and starring by Orson Welles who is considered to be one of the greatest producers of all time. I have heard and read reviews of this movie and few times asked the CD/ DVD rent shops if they have this movie or not. Somehow I am yet to enjoy this movie. This is an American drama film that was released in 1941. This film is particularly critically acclaimed because of some innovations like cinematography, music and narrative structure. According to many reliable reviews and lists, it is considered to be the greatest film ever made in Hollywood

Though I have not watched, it I have read the story line in rotten tomato and IMDB. The story examines the life and legacy of Foster Kane. In the story, the wealthy newspaper publisher Kane dies while holding a snow globe and utters ‘Rosebud’, while living alone in his vast estate. The globe fell down from his hand and smashes and his dead becomes sensational news around the world. A newspaper reporter tries to find out about his life and in particular to reveal the meaning behind his last word ‘Rosebud

He then starts interviewing Kane’s friends and associates and Kane’s story unfolds in a series of flashbacks. The journalist meets a person who served as Kane’s guardian during his childhood. He then learns about Kane’s childhood and later from Kane’s business manager to learn more about him. Flashbacks reveal that Kane spent his childhood in poverty and then later he inherits a property that his mother got by chance. At the age of 25, he enters into the newspaper business and finally takes control of the newspaper. He finally joined a political party and a dispute ruined his political career. Kane spends his last years in a solitary estate and there was no a relative or wife around. There he dies and his butler hears Kane says “Rosebud” as his last word in his life

After his death, his vast amounts of belongings are classified. During this time the reporter thinks that he is unable to solve the mystery of the ‘Rosebud’ and thinks that would remain unsolved forever. He concluded that Kane was the man who archived everything he wanted and lost them all. Maybe Rosebud is the thing he could not get or lost. At the end of the movie the mystery was solved for the audiences and it reveals that Rosebud was the name of the sled from Kane’s childhood which was actually an illusion to the only time of his life when he was truly happy. The sled was considered to be a piece of junk and was burned in a basement by Xanadu’s departing staff

This was a truly amazing film that I thoroughly enjoyed. The plot, the storyline, the acting and production and making of the film was exemplary.

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