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Describe a house or apartment you want to live in

Describe a house or apartment you want to live in

You should say:

  • what it would look like
  • where it would be located
  • what facilities this would have

and explain why you want to live there

Sample Answer:

Humans have always been dreaming of living in a luxurious house and accordingly my dream is also similar with the other human beings. I want to live in a large and luxurious house as I do not want experience any challenge with my living at home

The house should be a duplex building with spacious rooms and corridors. There should be ample space for movement after placing the furniture. Besides, the rooms need to be well ventilated and south facing is preferable. Generally, the south-faced houses have natural light and air supply. So, one does not need to spend more bucks after electricity or arrangement for artificial air coolers. Besides, the houses should also contain several bedrooms. The living room needs to be spacious as I have to place a wide range of furniture than the regular living rooms in the tiny apartments. Besides, the house should have sufficient numbers of bathrooms with modern fittings and facilities. I would like to have a balcony with my bedroom facing the south side from where I could smell the fragrance from the garden. At the night times, I will place a chair on the balcony to enjoy the night views, especially the moonlit nights

Though I love rural regions than the urban areas for a tranquil environment, I wish to have the house at the corner of an urban street. I chose to live in a corner of the city for several reasons. First, such corner areas are usually free of the bustle of the cities. Since there are few crowds the noise level remains at a minimum level that is pleasant. Secondly, the cities are blessed with modern facilities which are unavailable in the rural areas. The connections of the internet or large shopping malls or standard groceries are not available. But I need those to lead my life. Generally, the rural areas are quiet and I will create such an environment around my house. But if the house is in the centre or middle of any street, it is impossible to bring the rural flavour inside the house. If I surround the house with foliage and gardens, it will look like a large house in the rural areas. Moreover, I will have access to the necessary places and public transportation facilities which are also rare in the rural areas

The house should have all the modern amenities and facilities. It should have a telephone connection to connect with the rest of the world in line with my cellular phone. Besides, internet connection with satellite television network is a must. I usually do not watch television but my parents do. For them, I need to satellite television network. The house should also have a fine garage to keep my Porsche 911 (though older, the car is of great use) with me. A small driveway is a plus with the garage. The doors should be made with the finest woods while the windows would be made of Thai glass window without any grills or restrictions. The roof of the house should also be large and I intend to plant some small plants on the rooftop garden. Besides, the entire building should have the opportunity to cover with small plants that go attached to the walls. The other issues like the fittings, tiles and necessary elements in the kitchen and bathrooms should be of the top class

I generally prefer to live in a large house for its benefits. I have been born and brought up into a large house and being a nuclear family we did not have many family members except the three of us (my parents and me). So, I had ample spaces to move on inside the house and play around the day. So, the habit of living in a large house has been formed since my early childhood. I cannot live in small apartments and those appear like a cage to me. Breathing becomes difficult (literally). Besides, I also need a quiet place to live in. So, I need a large house with all the available facilities of the modern days and at the same time, it should be peaceful. Neither my parents nor I prefer noise and do not make so as well. A silent environment in a large house is the most desired thing for me and my family

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