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Describe a meeting you remember going to at work, college or school

Describe a meeting you remember going to at work, college or school

You should say:

  • When and where the meeting was held
  • Who was at the meeting
  • What the people at the meeting talked about

and explain why you remember going to this meeting

Sample Answer:

People meet with the other people over different issues and mostly it is done for socialising or serving some other important purposes. I also meet with people for various reasons and before holding the meeting, I usually set a schedule with them so that we do not have any scheduling troubles during the meet

But there is nothing amazing than a sudden meeting with the person you are looking for in our mind. I also had such a meeting with a friend of mine while I was my way to work and finally the meeting was highly fruitful for me and my office. He has just returned the city from his month-long travel in several countries assigned by his office. I was entering my office and saw he was leaving the building. Although it was the beginning of a hefty day for me and I was too late for the office, I asked him if he could manage few times to spend with me at the coffee shop at the rooftop. He agreed and also took permission from his companions to sit for an informal meeting

Andrew was accompanied with two of his office colleagues who also went for the travel with him. My friend introduced me to his colleagues and they welcomed me cordially after hearing about me. I also showed the right courtesy to them in return. All of us went to the coffee shop located on the rooftop of our office building and gradually I came to know that they were seniors of our schools whom we did not meet in our school days. After a few moments, the relationship with them turned intimate and we started discussing different contemporary issues among us

But the most important issue of the meeting was revealed later during the conversation. They were at my office with a proposal to invest in the sectors we are currently working. In a word they wanted to start a new business with us and came to discuss the entire issue with the CEO of my firm

Unfortunately, the CEO had to attend an emergency and left the office right before the moment my friend arrives with his colleagues and meets me at the entrance. So, I made a phone call to the CEO and took permission to discussion the business proposal with them as I was assigned to amend the proposal they submitted to the office previously. Thus, the initial formalities were done

The meeting was held about two years back and still is vivid on my mind for some certain reasons. We have started a joint venture with my friend’s office. We are producing different raw materials for producing attires like buttons, clothes, packaging papers etc. They supply us with the finest quality raw materials and our office produces the product at our own industry. The profits are plenty and it is heard that the two companies will merge themselves into a single unit to form a large conglomerate. I was one of the persons who established the linkage between the two corporations.

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