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Describe a memorable childhood experience

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe a memorable childhood experience

You should say:

  • Who was with you
  • Where it took place
  • What you did
  • and explain why it is memorable

Sample Answer:

Childhood is a time when everything is magical and pleasant. The possibility and dreams are vast and things become happier in childhood. Everybody has childhood memories and among them some are pleasant and some are sad. I have various childhood memories and I would like to talk about my childhood memory related to my first day at school.

I was about 5 years old when my parents got me admitted in a local school. I had a fascination of going to school from 3-4 years as I recall and when my father finally announced that I’ll get admitted in the coming January, I felt like being in heaven

I imagined the school would be a great place and I would have lots of friends and I would study there. On the day, my parents took me to the school that I saw in the past many times from outside but never entered. After entering the school, I find myself anxious about everything.

I was unsure what to do, who to talk to, what to do when the teachers would ask questions and many such things. After my father submitted some necessary papers and fees to the admission department, they gave me new books, a temporary Identity Card and a syllabus. I started feeling comfortable after I found that some of our neighbouring kids were already in this very school and they came to me and talked to me. This took place in my hometown where I grew up and I had been to this school for the next 4 years.

To my surprise, one of the teachers asked my parents to leave me and told me to attend the classes. I was not at all prepared to join the class but I found I had little choice over that. My parents spent few times and advised me how to behave, how to listen to teachers and many more tips. After my parents abandoned me, I was frightened for few moments and sat at a corner of the class. The teacher asked to come forward and introduce myself. I found I was unable to walk and talk. But in few minutes my hesitation got away and I was talking about myself.

The teacher appreciated me and some of the new classmates came forward and greeted me. I started enjoying the class and teachers and found that I started loving my school. Later on, I got admitted in college, university and many other places but the memory of the first day at primary school was totally different and I still remember the day evidently.

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