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Describe a person who once apologised to you

Speaking Part 2

Describe a person who once apologised to you

You should say:

  • who this person was
  • why he/ she apologised
  • where you were then
  • and explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer:

Apologising is a part of good manners and I believe that it often pacifies many chaotic situations. Whenever I believe that someone owes me an apology, I do not hesitate to apologise to this person. In many events, others apologised to me and I would talk about one such event for this candidate task card

It was around 3-4 months ago when the chief cashier of the City bank profoundly apologised to me. I cannot recall his name but my best guess would be ‘Jonathon’. He was a middle-aged white male and would be 5 feet 11 or so

I went to the (…say your bank area name…) City bank branch to withdraw some money. It was unusually crowded and I had to wait in a queue for about 25 minutes. As soon as I presented the cheque leaf, the cashier verified my signature and checked other information on his computer system. Within a minute, he returned my cheque and informed me that my savings bank account with them did not have sufficient balance. His facial expression was quite rough and he advised me to check my balance before presenting the cheque leaf. I tried to explain to him that I deposited a large amount the day before yesterday and he should check it before rejecting my cheque. He was adamant and non-cooperative. He asked me to contact the chief cashier for any complaint and leave the cash counter to let others do banking – which was very harsh and unprofessional. It was a frustrating experience for me

When I explained the chief cashier the whole situation, he checked the computer system and found that my claim was absolutely correct. In fact, it was their fault that my deposit was not credited to my savings account. The chief cashier then apologised to me profoundly. He took my cheque leaf and cashed it out himself. He apologised to me several times and promised me that such event won’t happen again

Honestly speaking, when the cashier rejected my cheque, I felt quite angry and irritated. I knew that I had deposited a large sum of money and there was no way he should reject my cheque. I become angrier when he behaved as if I was a stupid to present the cheque without having any balance! The chief cashier’s manner and friendly behaviour, on the other hand, was quite professional and amiable. He attentively listened to my explanation and apologised as soon as he found that I was right and if there was anyone to be blamed, it would be his teller, not me. His cordial behaviour and apology soothed me and I forgave the unprofessional behaviours of the teller who rejected my cheque. I accepted the apology and left the bank without any hard feeling

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