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Describe a piece of local news that was interesting to you

Describe a piece of local news that was interesting to you

You should say:

  • What it was about
  • When you heard/ read about it
  • What the story was

and explain why it was interesting to you

Sample Answer:

Ahh! an interesting topic indeed. For this cue card topic, I would like to talk about a piece of interesting and captivating local news that I read in a newspaper. It would be more than 5 years ago, I assume, when I read this news in a local newspaper called – …say a newspaper name common in your country

In a fine morning, I opened the newspaper, like any other usual day, and found a news story that caught my eyes. It was about a giant animal that people had seen on the streets after midnight and many of them believed that it was a ghost and could change its shape. The story even included some local people’s interviews who told the reporter that they saw this mysterious animal and shape-shifter with their own eyes. The length of the news and its coverage with pictures were evident that it was getting some attention, at least to local people who like to gossip and believe strange stories. The reporter also gave a hint that some recent crimes that the policemen were still struggling to solve might have been connected with this unknown animal

I am not a person who can be easily convinced with such baseless stories. However, I must give the reporter some credit to be able to present the news very interestingly. The report did not mention a single time that such ghost story is mostly fabricated and exaggerated. Rather it tried to convince the readers that there was some solid ground of this news and people should be careful at night. However, the reporter also reported his doubt about the authenticity of people’s opinion. Clever indeed, to attract both type of readers – believers and non-believer of ghosts

The report also included that some people have informed the nearby police station that a child was missing and they saw a giant beast around the house of this child. However, the reporter cleverly avoided the fact that it was some hearsay, not confirmed by the police. The story that I read ended with mystery and uncertainty. I would say it was quite engaging and this was mostly because how it was presented to the readers rather than the facts of the story

Before I end, I would like to tell you about the findings of this ghost story that was published at least 3 weeks later. The giant animal was a big panther who was sick and fled from a nearby zoo. The authority caught it in a week. The missing child was found after 2 days and this was a common missing-child case. Finally, the people who fabricated the story somehow got busy with other such cock-and-bull stories.

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