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Describe a place in another country where you would like to work

Describe a place in another country where you would like to work

You should say:

  • where you would like to work
  • what kind of work/job you would like to have there
  • when you would like to go

and explain why you want to work in that place

Sample Answer:

At present, I am undergoing my graduation at Allahabad University in India. After the completion of my graduation, I am planning to get a job in China for some specific reasons. Now I will describe my entire plan here

China is a leading country in the world in terms of everything ranging from agriculture to technology. Shanghai is its capital and so, I am planning to set career of a musician and actor of performing arts in that country. I know very well that at present it is really difficult to get a job after the academic discipline in my country, and hence I have adopted the plan. China is a great country with ample opportunities to expand my career in my desired arena. Moreover, the country has some special incentives for the entrepreneurs and the government provides almost all types of services required for the growth of the business as far as I know but such options are not much available in India

I prefer to start a musical café as the first phase of my work. In fact, I am planning to start a musical shop where I will teach technical issues of music to students and at the same time, I would serve people in their needs to learn and listen music. My workshop will deal with different types of musical issues. A part of the shop will be dedicated to the training of my students, while the other part will be used to serve the clients. In fact, my plan is to open the musical workshop that will deal with different types of issues including the teaching of musical instruments like guitar, flute, piano, drum and others. Music has a huge potential in China and thus I am planning to do it there

My graduation will be completed by next semester. After the completion, I will try to arrange the necessary preparations for my job. If everything goes right with me, I will go there by the next year. In fact, the preparations may take over six months. By this time, I have to arrange permission from the relevant authorities to shift in the country. But achieving the visa is really tough and when it is a long term, the issues become more difficult. The embassy authority does not want to provide a visa for a long time in the other countries and when they will come to know about my plan, there are chances that they will deny my application. But I will keep trying unless I get the permission

I am skilled in playing different musical instruments and have completed some courses on music from a reputed institution in India. After a varied number of observations, I realised that the chances of shining with music in the local industry of India are really tough. There are a wide number of musicians are available and competing with them is impossible for me. I do not want to be famous rather want to practice my music. I have been studying Music and Performing Arts at the university for last three and a half years. But the scopes for implementing my academic knowledge and skills are limited for many reasons. And hence, I have decided to move in the foreign land where the opportunities are ample.

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