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Describe a place where you lived for a short period of time

Speaking Part 2

Describe a place where you lived for a short period of time

You should say:

  • where it was
  • who you lived with there
  • how long you lived there

and explain how you felt about living there only for a short period

Sample Answer:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to let me talk about a place where I lived only for a while. During my study in Germany, I had to stay in Munich for about five months. In fact, I was unable to stay the entire course period of my post-graduation. I was troubled with some familial issues and considering the facts, the university authority allowed me to attend online classes and lectures. This is a great cue card topic for me and I will describe the matter in brief now

I got the chance as a scholarship-granted student at the Munich Academy but could not attend the first and second quarter. So, I went Munich from Malaysia and stayed with a native family to pass the remaining days. It was not possible for me to arrange for a seat in the university dormitory. So, I had to accommodate myself at the residence of a German whom I met online. He had a very nice family and every one of them cooperated me to complete the course

I lived there less than six months. And the entire time I was with the German family. It was a different experience for me to stay out of the home and with some completely unknown people. But it enriched my level of experience and I did get some unexpected support from them. I tried to help the family members as well and often cleaned the garden before their residence. I also used to help the kids of the family in learning some practical issues too

I really felt pathetic when I left the home and returned Malaysia. In fact, I turned a member of their family. They loved and cared for me much. Even they did not take any money from me in exchange for my living there though I wished to pay them. So, it became the greatest kindness to me. However, I really miss the family.

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