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Describe a rainy day you can remember

Describe a rainy day you can remember

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you did on that day
  • How long it rained

and explain how you felt about the day being rainy

Sample Answer:

In the mid of November last, I experienced a rainy day throughout the day. I cannot exactly remember the day but it began with dark clouds in the sky. It rained all the day long. In fact, it was an interesting day for. Thank you for asking the question. I am glad to have a chance of describing the day here

Usually, it does not rain here in Mozambique. And this was unusual. But it rained. It rained cats and dogs. In November, we feel chill here and sometimes the cold is acute. So, nobody expects a rain at this time as it will boost the coldness of the season. Further, when it rains, the locality I live in becomes muddy. So, this is a bit difficult for the locals to move in places they need to go. The average climatic condition of Mozambique is moderate. But there has been an unexpected change in the climate in the last couple of decades. And this is the result of the change

I am a university student. I am completing my undergraduate in Social Science. Hence, I need to remain busy with my academic events. In fact, I had to attend an important class on that day when it rained. I was unable to get out of my home. So, I missed the class. There was nothing much to do for me. Suddenly I remembered that I needed to complete an assignment for the next project of mine which was supposed to be closed by December. Accordingly, I started working on the project. After a thorough research on the internet, I gathered necessary resources and made a project plan. It took around half of the day to complete the task. Then I planned to watch a movie. In fact, I was bored with the research. I had to brows a large number of websites, read their contents and gather the necessary resources. In the later part of the day, I enjoyed a drama movie. It was excellent

It rained round the day. The rainfall began from the last part of the night. It was drizzling at first and then it started severely from the early hours of the day. It was an exceptional day for us. Later, I came to know that many of the people could not go to their workplaces and almost half of the institutions remained closed for the day. It was an excessive rain and unusual as well. I thought that I might go out in the evening to meet some of my friends but the rain did not stop. The weather reports said that the rain lasted for over 14 hours. It began in the early morning and stopped around 8.00 pm. So, it was too late for me to go out and meet with friends. Besides, the other members of my family were at home on that day for the excessive rain

The feelings were food in some sense. But I had a regret the I missed my class. In fact, it was one of the most important classes of the semester and the teacher was supposed to provide some suggestions for the upcoming exams. But later, I came to know that the class did not take place at the scheduled time as none of the students was able to attend due to the rain. Hence, I felt a sense of relief. Further, it was a family gathering for my family. All the members are to remain busy round the week and cannot get meet together. Due to the rain, we all were at home and particularly enjoyed the meals. The last part of the day was great for me.

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