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Describe a serious environmental problem in your country

Describe a serious environmental problem in your country

You should say:

  • What it is
  • What the effects of this problem are
  • What causes that problem

and explain what can be done to solve this problem

Sample answer :

Air pollution in Qatar is one the serious environmental problems, and the major cities are affected seriously by this pollution. This is a shocking issue that the cities of this country are severely polluted by carbon emission and other particles produced from various ways like burning oil, fuels, smelting plastic materials etc. This is a great candidate task card topic and I will answer the questions in brief

Air pollution in Qatar is responsible to cause a notable number of health disorders among the citizens of the country. The effects are really dangerous. The most important thing about the air pollution is that it mainly is responsible to create respiratory disorders. A remarkable number of people are becoming sick who are exposed to this problem. The usual respiratory disorders of this problem are shorter breathing, reduced lung function, stroke, chronic bronchitis, heart ailments and even cancer. In fact, air pollution is reducing the life expectancy of the people

Air pollution is a global problem now and in Qatar, it takes place for some reasons. Burning the fossil fuels is the primary reason behind the problem. Besides, the excessive use of machinery, usage of vehicles and other transportation modes, consumption of energy than the other countries, the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and some other reasons are responsible for this problem

This is a burning issue for the country now. Some cautionary measures should be undertaken to control the problem. The most important task to reduce air pollution in Qatar is to reduce the carbon emission, and also to reduce the use of gas, oil and other fuels. Alternative energy solutions should be used. A massive awareness about the air pollution is also required to get rid of it. The government and private sector should come forward to reduce air pollution.

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