Describe a situation where you had to wait for something special to happen


Describe a situation where you had to wait for something special to happen

You should say:

  • What it was
  • What did you do during that time
  • What eventually happened

and explain what happened afterwards

Sample Answer:

It was the eve of Christmas last year and I had to wait to receive my gift from my parents. I will always remember that night. In fact, I received one of the most important gifts of my life on that date. My parents wanted to make me happy and so, they gave me a very special gift marking the Christmas. This is a pretty nice cue card for me, and I am happy with this

The moments were filled with anxiety. I tried to focus on several things but failed. At first, I took a book right after the supper. But I failed to focus on the book. Then I moved to play some computer games, and it was a failure as well. Later, I tried to concentrate on social websites and it turned in a fruitless effort too. In fact, I was too much excited and could not concentrate on anything at all. The moments turned longer and I could not enjoy the things I was doing

Actually, my younger brother told me that I will receive something special from parents and thus I became excited. But I could not share my emotions with the other people fearing if I do not get the gift. Gradually, my dad came to me and said that he wanted to tell me something. He was serious and I was afraid. But suddenly he smiled and gave the gift to me

I was too happy after receiving the package. The gifts were – a leather bag, a pair of sunglasses, a perfume from my preferred brand and a nicely decorated dress. Everything was packed in a single package. I jumped out with joy after unveiling the gifts and thanked them a lot for the gifts. I am using the products and grateful indeed to my parents.


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