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Describe a special meal you would like to have

Describe a special meal you would like to have

You should say:

  • where you would like to have it
  • who you would like to have it with
  • what you would like to eat

and explain how you would feel about the meal

Sample Answer:

In Pakistan, the majority of the people take ruti and soup or vegetables as their daily meal. But there are some other specials meals which are mostly cooked during any occasion. I will not describe such a meal that I want to have

I want the meal to be cooked at my home. In fact, my ammijaan (mother) can cook the meal very well. Some say that she is an expert for making kebab. I want to have the kebab with paratha at my home. Due to my outbound nature, I have moved in many parts of the country and tested the kebabs. But none of them appeared as appealing as the one made by my mother. She can prepare various types of kebabs. So, I want to have this meal at my home so that I could test the most delicious kebab pieces of the world

In my entire life, I have always shared my foods and gives me a priceless pleasure. So, I think taking the meal alone would not be wise. Rather if I arrange for a small party at my home that would be much interesting. Hence, I should invite some of my relatives or friends. I think none of them will deny the invitation as they are well informed about the delicious foods prepared by my mother. My abbajaan (father) may also invite some of his close associates from his service (he is in the police force) marking the event. It may turn in to a family gathering. But in that case, the cooking should be done in large scale. My mum has to cook for at least 30 to 35 people at this time. This is not a big deal for her and she is accustomed to this tradition

I am planning to have the traditional food items but the addition of kebab and paratha will increase the taste. Besides, I have another plan to implement in that day. I will ask mum to arrange for some desserts like cake or pudding. In fact, she also can make special pudding. The pudding will be served at the later stage. I am also planning to make mutton kebab. Many of the invited will love it. In line with the mutton, I would like to have some beef kebab. Actually, I love beef most despite it being red meat. Occasional taking will not damage my health. The parathas will be soft and perfectly baked so that everyone present there could eat with their content

Taking a special meal is always pleasant for me. I love to eat different types foods and have tried so many. But kebab appears the best one to me. whenever I take kebab, I feel a special feeling inside me. The mouthwatering spicy kebabs are the best for me and if they come with paratha, it appears that I am in heaven. They appear to be the heavenly food to me. My feelings will be uncontrollable in that case. I will take the foods as much as I can. I love to eat does not mean that I always care to the meals I take. I am specific regarding the selection of my foods but when it is about kebab, it becomes difficult to control my hunger. I usually take more than the average when I am with the kebabs. Thereby, undoubtedly it would be a happy event and exciting experience for me

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