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Describe a special trip you would like to go in the future

Describe a special trip you would like to go in the future

You should say:

  • where would you go
  • who would be with you
  • when are you planning to take this trip

and explain why you want to take this trip and why this is special to you

Sample Answer:

I am a girl of 18 and just have crossed my higher secondary. Now it is time for me to get a graduate admission. I am planning for a very special trip outside of Pakistan once I am done with the admission

I am planning to visit the neighbouring countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh. There is a good number of visiting places for the tourists. Besides, the natural views are also priceless in those places. Always I have heard that travelling expands the outlook and broadens our mind. I had chances to visit the entire country of mine but never have had the chance to visit the other countries. I Hope this would be a great trip for me and help me enriching my knowledge and real-life skills

I have been brought up in a liberal environment but my parents were always with me. They have behaved me like my friends and I have also shared everything with them. Whenever I went to any external trip out of the city, I was accompanied by either my father or by my mother. So, I expect this time I will be accompanied by one of them. But I want both of them to be with me on this special trip. In fact, they have not visited the neighbouring countries. My father remains busy with his teaching (he is a university professor) while my mother cares for the home. They have passed their life in this monotonous way and now I think this is their time to relax

I think the admission process will be done within the next summer. The admission process is really difficult and I am planning to get admitted in the University of Punjab. This is one of the best and prominent universities in the country and adjacent to my home. After having the admission, I will start the trip. But by the same time, I have planed for the other necessary tasks. I do not have my own passport and planning to get one within next two months. Besides, getting visas for the countries is another important tasks, especially getting the visa for India since there are some political disturbances between the two countries. Managing visa for Bangladesh and Nepal would be easier, I think. When all the things will be done, I will need to wait to start the journey

This is a very special trip for me in some aspects. The most important thing is that I have never board on an airplane. This will bring a chance for me to ride on the plane. Besides, I have read histories of the colonial periods but have not seen the places where the British domination took place in India. This will also meet my thirst to visit the places and get to know them personally. Additionally, my parents will be with me and it will also increase the joy of the trip. So, considering all the issues, I think this is a very special trip for me

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