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Describe a street that you enjoyed visiting

Speaking Part 2

Describe a street that you enjoyed visiting

You should say:

  • where it was
  • how it looked like
  • what you did there

and explain why you enjoyed visiting this street

Sample Answer:

My recent business trip to California was a grand success and I had some leisurely hours to spend in the city. So, I went to see some of the notable locations of the city. And I saw the Hollywood Boulevard. It was one of the most impressive streets I have ever seen. The street was decorated with nice buildings and signs and interconnected with some other streets as well. It was a charming experience for me. This is a standard cue card for me and I am happy with the candidate task questions

This is an outstanding boulevard in the city. The street runs through the Hollywood to some other adjacent directions, and on its way, it interconnected with some other streets that lead to many other places. But I liked this street more than the other streets for some reason. And the street is exceptional than the other streets of the city. The street is well decorated with palm trees and some traditional buildings which have raised the beauty of the street more

I went there to see the street actually. I heard the name of the street when I was a kid and this time I got the chance of visiting this place. So, I did not want to miss that chance of visiting the street. I stood in a corner of the street and gazed at the structure standing on the side of the street

I liked to visit the street for some particular reasons. First of all, the street was a major tourist attraction in the city. Besides, the street views were excellent and I was entertained with the history of the street that was formerly known as Prospect Avenue. I also took some photos by posing near some trees in the middle of the street.

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