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Describe a success in your life

Speaking Part 2

Describe a success in your life

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how you achieved it
  • how important it was for you

and explain how difficult it was to achieve

Sample Answer:

Success is the buzz word in the current days and might be the word which is most sought in the world. Success varies from situations and not only limited in material well-being

In my early days, when I was in my school, I was a student compared to good for nothing by my parents and teachers. They used to admonish me always for my lack of intentions to study (in fact I was so and preferred playing with some of my selected friends who were like me). My scores in the exams were too sorry that I cannot pronounce them before all now. It happened as I was indifferent to studies but careful to all the other matters except my class, studies and assignments. But gradually I developed myself and started scoring better than my previous stage and finally succeeded to be the best student of my class when I was in my 7th grade. My parents and teachers were highly pleased with the improvement and praised me highly

But the improvement was not as easy as it sounds now. Naturally, I was not a dumb. But as I lacked sincerity to my studies, I failed to have a good figure in the school tests and thus the scores were always below the average line. Besides, I had some friends who were similar to my features and insincere in their studies. So, I passed more time with them instead of study. Accordingly, my scores fell greatly and it became difficult for me to even pass the final exams with the minimum score for getting promoted to the next grade. One of my teachers advised me profoundly and I realised that he was right. So, I started working hard. Frequently I was missing the games and sports that I used to take part with my friends and also kept myself at home before and after my school. I studied for about five to six hours a day except, the school hours. Thus I topped in the next exams and turned successful in my study

To be successful in the study, was very important for me. My surrounding people including my parents, teachers, relatives and even some of the classmates started behaving abnormally. It happened so as I did not have a good score, I was inattentive in my studies and overall I was being derailed from my track. I actually did not realise the facts until my eyes were opened by one of my school teachers. He is now like a fatherly figure to me since my advancement. After my hard work when I got an unexpected result, everyone was happy and they changed their attitudes to me. I turned into a loving son for my parents and an adorable kid among my relatives

But the achievement did not come easy. I had to study hard and made a routine that ordered to begin my day from early in the morning. I started getting up before the sunrise and established a close interaction with my textbooks. Since I bunked classes and did study in the beginning of the session, everything seemed too difficult to me. Therefore, I tried to contact with some of my intimate friends and they helped me with suggestions and made the lessons easier for me by concise notes and papers. Sometimes I had to understand and sometimes I had to memorise the lessons to prepare them perfectly. It was the hardest part for me as I was a boy of stormy nature and sitting before reading table was beyond my capacity. But I succeeded with difficulties and finally, my efforts made the best one among the other student of grade 7 in my school.

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