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Describe a successful businessman you know

Describe a successful businessman you know

You should say:

  • Who is he/she
  • What type of business /she runs
  • How you know him/her

and explain why you think s/he is a successful businessman

Sample Answer:

Business is one the greatest ways to earn wealth in a legal manner and many of the people are rich by business. I know a local businessman here in Singapore who has become a millionaire with his hard effort. Mr. Andrew Robertson, my neighbour, is a very successful businessman

Saying goes that stop chasing the money rather chase your passion. By dint of passion, a man becomes successful, and when there is the lack of passion, life turns to be dull and boring. Mr. Robertson had a great passion in his business. He used to work day and night. It was his passion and he never felt tired in attending his business. For all of his efforts now he is a successful businessman though he began his business with a small initiative. Nobody could have thought that he would a business magnet in later stages when he started his business. But everyone praised his initiatives and efforts for success. So, at the end of the day, when everyone was busy for closing their business in the downtown of Singapore, only he was seen waiting for customers. Fortunately, many of the consumers crowded on his business store to get their last minute meals

Mr. Robertson is a former Italian national and now living in Singapore with his family. He migrated here back in 2005 and opened a mobile restaurant. He used to sell different sorts of delicious traditional Italian dishes. Gradually he started improving his business and added some other dishes in his menu. Now he proudly owns one of the largest restaurants in Singapore and the restaurants offer numerous yummy foods to the food lovers of Singapore. The restaurant he owns has a stunning look and the services of all the staffs are highly pleasant and admirable. Mr. Robertson personally takes care of all the cooking ingredients every day. He often goes to the market for shopping for his restaurant and never compromises with the quality. As a result, the reputation of his restaurant spread across the city within a short time

Mr. Robertson lives just opposite to the next door of my apartment and he has bought the apartment though he entered here as a tenant. He hired the apartment a few years ago and as his business grew well, his life started changing rapidly. Initially, he had a small food selling van which he used to park on a side of a street and sold food items. When the consumers were pleased with his foods and processing, his reputation soared high and his luck changed to a great extent. He gradually started shining in his business. Later he hired the apartment opposite to us and started living there with his family. His family is made of his wife and two kids. After passing a year, he bought a space in the downtown and made a moderately decorated restaurant. My parents have a very intimate relation with him and his family. Mr. Robertson also likes me very much and in fact, I am appointed to teach mathematics to his elder son who is his fourth grade

Success does not appear until it is worshipped. To achieve success, the people who desire it need to work hard and if everything goes right, the success will appear finally. The same thing happened in the life of Mr. Robert. He tried his best, passed the worst moments of his life and finally all his efforts resulted in his success. He is successful as he struggled hard. He worked for long hours in the day time and even often in night times. He was unable to pass some quality moments with his family members in the beginning and even he could not join at any social functions or family events. But gradually he started developing the business. His extreme sincerity brought the changes in his life. Now is a complete successful man. He has gained name and fame across the city and everyone admires him for his perseverance.

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