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Describe a time when the weather condition forced you to change your plan

Describe a time when the weather condition forced you to change your plan

You should say:

  • when it was
  • how the weather condition was
  • what initial plan you had

and explain what you did once you changed your plan

Sample Answer:

This is a nice topic to talk about and I have experienced this exact situation several times in my life. I thank you for the opportunity to let me talk about an event when the sudden change of the weather ruined a long desired plan

It was 2014 and on my younger sister’s birthday, most of my cousins, uncles and aunts came to our house. Next day my father proposed that we should take a family trip and go to (… say a sea beach name…) to enjoy our time together as a family. It was a great proposal and we were all excited to spend our time there. Two of my cousins and their parents had never been to this beach. “Though we spent our childhood together in a joint family in our early childhood, we hardly get time to enjoy together” – told Tom, one of our cousins and he was completely right. We were very happy to have our relatives at our home, celebrate our sister’s birthday and have the opportunity to make a family tour together after a long

In the morning my father proposed us to take our cars and visit the sea beach and other tourist spots next day and it was a sunny day with a clear blue sky at that time. The weather forecast, that I checked online, showed that there was no possibility of rain and the temperature would remain almost the same. But our luck must have been quite bad as the weather completely changed in the evening. While we did not even expect the rain, there was a thunderstorm with the torrent. The wind was ferocious and the storm lasted a long. The sea beach thus was not a good place to visit the next day. It was a 4 hours journey and we were supposed to go there early next morning. However, the weather condition forced us to abandon the tour and stay home. The weather was still ferocious and it was unsafe for us to leave the house

When my parents declared that we have to cancel our tour, I, with four of my cousins, planned to watch movies, play computer games and meet some of my friends at their home. At around 11.30 am, when the weather was still bad, we watched an animated movie while my parents were busy cooking. We ate homemade popcorns, coffee and hamburger. In the evening the rain stopped and we went to meet my friends who happened to live nearby. At night we played different types of indoor games and that was fun

Though our initial plan was ruined due to a sudden weather change, nevertheless, I enjoyed my time with my cousins. I am the only child of my parents and that’s why my cousins are like my siblings and I enjoy their company a lot.

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