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Describe a time when you played with a child

Speaking Part 2

Describe a time when you played with a child

You should say:

  • when it was
  • who the child was
  • how long you played

and explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer:

I like to play with children but in most of the cases, the chances are not available. In fact, I cannot manage time to play with them. But I can remember an event when I passed an entire day with a child and played various smart games with the baby

I had to attend a birthday party last month. Luckily the date was on a weekend. So it was convenient for me to move at the home of the baby early in the day. The child belonged to my colleague Mr Robert Perera. I loved the child very much as its activities reminded me of my own childhood days. The child was about four years old but the attitudes and acts it showed were matured. In fact, I felt the conversation interesting with this baby. I passed the entire day with the child and at the end of the day, I turned his fan. It was sad to leave the boy at his home

The child, Robert Junior, was a boy of extreme intelligence. Actually, I have never met such a child before. The child entered into its fifth year after successfully completing four years on this planet. Its parents had admitted the baby in a local elementary school. Passing the entire day, I came to know about lots of interesting facts about the child from its parents. But I was amazed at the calm nature of this kid. In fact, the kids of this age are so much naughty and take part is various types of mischievous activities. Junior is opposite to them. Rather, he loves to read books of varied interests (though he does not know the meaning of the texts he goes through, he loves reading). Besides, he is creative in some other senses. He loves to play strategic video games. He is a genius in achieving a good score in such games

I played around the day with the child. The birthday event was in the evening but I went in the morning to take part in the preparatory activities. So, I had the entire day before me to pass in that house. I got the solution when Mr Perera told me that I can play with the Junior. He asked the child to play with me. So, I started to paly different games and it began with the chess. I, actually, had no idea how intelligent the child was. It played the chess with me like an adult and tried to defeat me with some special attempts. Besides, when I started playing a strategic game with it on the computer, I found that the child is far better than me. Junior showed me several ways to win a battle in the strategic games while he built his empire with some charismatic ways. We passed the day with such activities and enjoyed a lot

I was happy to have a chance to spend the day with this child. Meeting with children always gives me pleasure. They are free of complexities. They will grant you as their friend if you can win their heart with your simplicity. Besides, I was glad when I found that the child was able to behave gently and different from the other kids of his age. Passing an entire day with this kids had refreshed me. On the other side, the child also enjoyed my company and invited me to visit him regularly and I promised him to do so. We are now good friends indeed.

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