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Describe a time when you were asked to give your opinion in a questionnaire or survey

Speaking Part 2

Describe a time when you were asked to give your opinion in a questionnaire or survey

You should say:

  • what the questionnaire/survey was about
  • why you were asked to give your opinions
  • what opinions you gave

and explain how you felt about giving your opinions in this questionnaire/ survey

Sample Answer:

Questionnaire is one of the best ways to collect data over any specific issue to conduct a research work or improving the current situations. It helps to collect the real information by asking few similar questions and most of the time the information provided are proved accurate and correct

Once I was interviewed by two people (a male and a female) from a local cell phone operator over the use of cell phone and the facilities I received from my subscribing company. One of the information collectors asked me different questions while the other one wrote down the answers. The survey was also about improving the network facilities, adjusting tariffs, providing free data or Wi-Fi service at any specific zone, allowing the subscribers to change their digits after their will or having any special number for use and more other issues related to the telecommunication sector

I have been using Vodafone for about 15 consecutive years and thus I have turned into an important client for the company in my city. At first, I received a phone call from my cell phone operator that it wants to hear from me and accordingly after my approval, it will send a team for a semi-formal interview of mine. I agreed and set a calendar for the interview. But I had no idea that they are going to use a structured questionnaire to take my answers

I provided positive feedback in favour of Vodafone which I have been using to communicate with everyone. They asked me about my basic information in the beginning and also promised to keep the information confidential. Then I said that Vodafone needs to set a few network towers in my area to provide a better signal as sometimes we are to experience sudden call drops. Besides, I also supported their initiative to reduce the tariffs and creating Wi-Fi zones in specific spots. Moreover, I supported their initiative to allow the users to get a special number after their demands and it will be helpful for the young generation users.

To be frank over the interview, when I was interviewed, I felt that I am special. Someone cares for my comment and works accordingly. It was a special experience for me although I had to think for a while before answering the questions. The most important issue of the survey was to gather opinion about the popularity of Vodafone in Patras in Western Greece region. Vodafone networks suddenly started unusual behaviours in the entire region and when the problem was solved, the cell phone operator wanted to justify its popularity and selected me as a respondent for the survey

I was amazed at the questions that they have provided were simple and did not require much time to answer. Some of the questions were open-ended. However, it was truly an honour for me that a cell operator has asked me earlier for the interview and has sent people to meet me on the day I proposed. I take humble pride that my opinions will be reflected in policies of the cell operator in the coming days

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