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Describe a wild animal from your country (Tiger)

Describe a wild animal from your country

You should say

  • What the animal is
  • What it looks like
  • Where it lives and explain how you feel about this animal

Sample Answer

Here is the sample for the “describe a wild animal from your country” topic:

I’ll describe an endangered animal in northeastern China. It’s called the Manchurian or Siberian tiger. Manchurian tigers are very impressive animals. Like all tigers, they have orange and black stripes and a white underside, and powerful claws and teeth. The largest is nearly 1.5 meters tall, and can weigh between 300 and 400 kilos of muscle! They are the largest of the cat family and the most effective and dangerous hunters. They are found all over Siberia and in a few places in northeastern China. They usually hunt and live alone, and only meet other tigers during the mating season. I think there are less than 50 of them in the wild in China. There are more kept in captivity, in zoos or special parks. There is one wildlife park in Harbin that is famous for its many Manchurian tigers.

Most Chinese admire the tiger as a symbol of strength and fierceness. Tigers have had a place in Chinese culture for thousands of years. They are found in Chinese literature new and old and are the subject of many famous paintings, But I don’t think many Chinese know that this special breed of tigers is all but wiped out in the wild. I hope more efforts will be made in the future to protect the tiger’s environment. Without the forests they live and hunt in, Manchurian tigers can only exist in captivity.

Vocabulary for Cue Card

Here are the vocabularies for “describe a wild animal from your country” with examples:

  • Endangered: (of a species) Seriously at risk of extinction.
    Ex: Tiger is one of the endangered species worldwide.
  • Fierceness: Wild or hostile
    Ex: Cheetah is known for its fierceness 
  • Captivity: The condition of being imprisoned or confined.
    Ex: He was under 366 days of captivity
  • Mating: The action of animals coming together to breed
    Ex: “These birds start mating in May.”    

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