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Describe a worth watching theatrical performance

Speaking Part 2

Describe a worth watching theatrical performance

You should say:

  • What the play was about
  • Where it took place
  • How was the acting and quality of the production

and explain why it was worth watching

Sample Answer:

Three years ago I watched the play ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by William Shakespeare at the city theatre that I consider a worth watching theatrical performance. The play lasted for about 1 and half hour and I as well as the 200 audiences of the play thoroughly enjoyed and acclaimed the play

The city theatre is famous for quality performance by the top class performers. The time when we heard that a team is coming from London to perform Romeo and Juliet, we planned to watch it. We knew very little about the actors and actresses but heard that they are quite popular in the theatrical world in London. After the play began I noticed a pin drop silence on the theatre except the performers’ voices and background music. The costumes of the performers were just the way it should be. Their dresses, stage, music, their makeup, their accent, the passionate acting created an illusion of real Romeo-Juliet era. The play went on and the story continued as

Two young people fall in love the moment they met but their families are bitter enemies. The relationship between Romeo & Juliet fueled the anger and bitterness of the two families. The two innocent lovers get caught in the middle of a trap. The tragic end of their lives and the eternal victory of love described in Shakespeare’s gorgeous language makes it a worth watching theatrical performance

The professional and astounding acting, captivating dialogues, intense romantic tale, wrenching separation and the tragic twist of tale make the play unforgettable and timeless. The production and acting were superb and highly acclaimed. I still remember a news article later on that acclaimed the actors, actresses of the London team and the superb professionalism and artistic production of a great play.

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