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Describe an accident you saw

Speaking Part 2

Describe an accident you saw

You should say:

  • Where the accident occurred
  • Where you were then
  • How the accident affected you

and give detailed information about the accident

Sample Answer:

The most devastating accident that I have ever seen is the one that I witnessed near (…say the name of the place…) while a train smashed a passing bus. I saw the accident almost 4 years back and yet I can remember the event clearly

I was on my way to home from the capital city that I’m currently residing in. There is a train pass/cross on the road and our bus stopped at the signal. I was busy reading a magazine on the bus and all of a sudden I heard a loud crashing sound and I looked through the window. What I saw was unbelievable- the quickly passing train has hit a bus that was trying to pass the train road. The bus had been thrown away like a toy and we could hear the unbearable screaming of victims. Lots of people have gathered the place and the train was passing slowly. People became speechless on the effect of the devastating accident. I could see people were trying to help the wounded people and 2-3 ambulances reached there after 15 minutes. The bus driver was blamed for the incident and I heard that he was dead too. We could not move on from the place as a huge jam occurred. The wounded people were moved to nearby hospitals and medical centres and the dead people were placed in a nearby field. The entire place became a gloomy area and people mourned on the event. I started feeling sick and tried to help the wounded people

I have witnessed more than 30 people were lying dead and their relatives were crying and mourning heavily. I left the place after 8/9 hours and could not think anything else. The whole event occurred in a few minutes and the effect was devastating. I had spent nearly 2 weeks in a hallucination and thought a lot about the people who died there and about their relatives. It came to my mind that, our life is hanging on the cliffs and we are so helpless sometimes deciding our fates.

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