Describe an advertising photo/image/banner you have seen and you think was effective


Describe an advertising photo/image/banner you have seen and you think was effective

You should say:

  • where you saw it
  • what it was advertising
  • what it showed

and explain why you think this photo/image/banner was effective

Sample Answer:

I saw an advertising banner of a newly released movie on the street before my college. It was an effective advertisement from the movie maker and a good number of students were attracted with the banner and went to watch the movie at a theatre hall. That was a blockbuster movie of the year. I think this is a pretty nice cue card for me and I am happy to have it in my share. Now I will describe the entire event in brief

The banner was advertising for an action-comedy movie that has been released a couple of days ago. The advertisement intended to attract some of the potential audience from the college. And it was a success for the advertisers. A notable number of students and local people went to watch the movie and every one of them praised it highly. The banner also advertised for a newly built movie theatre that has recently been built and requested the potential audience to be there in order to enjoy the movie

It was a large and colorful banner. The banner was printed on a plastic-type paper. It was hung with a rope on the air. The banner showed some selected shots from the movie. One of the scenes showed that hero of the movie was beating the villains while the other scene shows some comic elements intended to make the audience laugh. Some descriptions were also given in text forms like the name of the hero and heroine, production house, director, and other special artists

It was a successful banner in several terms. The banner attracted attention from several quarters. A wide number of people were exposed to this banner. Some of the interested people turned the audience and even I also went to watch the movie and enjoyed


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