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Describe an ambition you have not yet achieved

Describe an ambition you have not yet achieved

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How long you have it
  • What you have to do to achieve it
  • and explain why it is important to you to achieve it


My plan to settle and work in a first world country is yet to be achieved. This is an ambition and plan I have for a long. After I got admitted to the university, I had some double about my major, which is ‘Social Science’. To be honest I was a bit frustrated not to study either in Engineering or in Medicine. However, in few months I started loving this subject I was studying and started feeling the immense possibility this might have in my future. That I time I considered settling in a first world country for the higher study and work

To be more precise, I have this ambition for the last 5 years. This ambition started forming in my head when I was in the second term in my university which would be around June 2011

First of all, I need a really impressive result in my Masters Degree program so that I can get a scholarship in a reputed university. The admission in a top rated university in a first world country would be the first step in fulfilling my ambition. Then I would need to study and research really hard to have a prominent presence there so that I can get a decent job offer. My dedication, determination and hard work would be the vital factors for achieving this ambition.

This is very important for me to work and settle in a first world country. First of all, I have a fascination about researching in my study field and I am sure that would be better facilitated in a first world country. The career prospect and research facilities in my country are not that promising and I have an aspiration to contribute to a great extent in the arena I have my knowledge. Considering all these, it’s really important for me to achieve my ambition.

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