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Describe an animal that lives in the water

Describe an animal that lives in the water

You should say:

  • What is it
  • How you know about it
  • Is it common in your country

and describe the animal

Sample Answer:

Whale is an animal that lives in the water and it is the largest animal among the living creatures in the world. The whales usually inhabit in the oceans all around the world and the size varies from 80 to 150 feet. They usually have a lifespan of average 77 years and some whales live over a century

I have heard about this large water animal in one of my textbooks when I was in the kindergarten and later I have seen this animal and their characteristics on different TV channels. No, this is not a common water animal in our country. In fact, fishes are the most common water animal in our country and very few whales could be found in the ocean in our country

This is the largest known animal in the animal kingdom which lives in water and is known as marine mammal animal. The average whales can be 30 meters long and they can have more than 180 tonnes weight. They are long-lived animals and some whales live over 100 years. Whales breathe air, like other mammals, and they are warm-blooded, feed milk to their infants and have body hair

The whale is considered to be an animal that learns, teaches, cooperates and even grieves like other mammal animals. Whales can make extremely loud sounds which are known as whale songs and these sounds are their communication media. It is generally considered that whales are predators but they also eat various other foods like plankton and other animals. Whales that have teeth often eat fish and squid which they mostly hunt using the echolocation.

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