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Describe an exam that was very hard for you

Describe an exam that was very hard for you

You should say:

  • What exam it was
  • When you took this exam
  • Why you took this exam

and explain why this was hard for you

Sample Answer:

Well, this is an interesting topic to talk about. This topic reminds me the admission test in Saint Paul college that I took in 1999. It was one of the toughest exams I have ever encountered in my life and performed very poorly. I did so bad that I was afraid to see the result and in fact, I did not see my admission result at all as I knew how poorly I had performed

It is quite common in the colleges in our country to arrange the admission test each year to select the students they would allow for admission. I took part in the entrance exam in top five colleges in our country and Saint Paul college was one of them. This college was far away from my house and due to a bad traffic, I was 15 minutes late on the exam day. Being late on the exam day was a disaster for me and the college authority was reluctant to let me sit for the exam. Half an hour was already gone and I was feeling an immense pressure at that time. As soon as I opened the question paper, I was far more daunted and got stiffed as most of the questions seemed unfamiliar to me

The college exam authority has changed their question pattern and has focused more on history and writing skill than mathematics and other science subjects! This was even a bigger disaster for me. I could not answer most of the questions and was expecting to get out of the exam hall as soon as possible. It was a suffocating and perplexing experience for me. After I left the college perimeter, I felt relieved and that proves that I was quite appalled and dismayed in the exam hall

As I recall, I did not even go to see my result as I knew I would perform very poorly. Later on, I got admitted in the Prime Science College. The exam I had in the Saint Paul’s entrance exam was unforgettable and one of the hardest in my whole life. The bad traffic, arguments with the exam authority, different question pattern and my anxiety and tension made it even harder.

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