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Describe an experience when you lost something

Speaking Part 2

Describe an experience when you lost something

You should say:

  • what you lost
  • how you lost it
  • where you lost it
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer:

I was in the second year of my university and at that time I lost my laptop with some other necessary papers and the experience was so bitter that I still remember it. I was on my way to home from the university and I took a public bus to reach home. I had my bag with me that contained my laptop, charger, some music DVDs, a pen drive, 2 books and some other necessary papers. I lost the bag so the things that I had in my bag were also lost.

I remember that I had my bag with me and I had to stand inside the bus as there was no seat available. After an hour I left the bus and took a shared taxi. Finally, I walked for a while to reach home and when I entered my room, I felt that the bag is missing. I got so tensed and get back to the street and tried to remember exactly where I lost the item. But I could not remember exactly where I lost my bag.

I felt so low and depressed that I could not sleep at night. Even though I knew that it was impossible to get the stuff back, I tried hard to have those items back. I reported to the nearby police station, contacted with the bus authority but after 7-8 days I gave up all the hopes I had to get my items back. I felt like a child who lost his most important toys! The laptop was really important to me as it has lots of valuable study materials and other files. I felt so stupid that, I was blaming myself for the whole thing and rebuked me not to be more careful. Honestly, the whole experience and the feelings were pretty depressing.

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