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Describe an important change in your life

Describe an important change in your life

You should say:

  • What is was about
  • Why the change was required
  • How it affected your life

and explain why this was an important change in your life

Sample Answer:

Life is filled with numerous desired as well as sudden events. People are to form different habits in different parts of their life and changes in life are inevitable. I would like to talk about a great change in my life that I consider as one of the best things to happen in my life. I was quite idle and highly inactive and liked to sit idly always. Now my idleness has been removed

Before my admission to the university, I was affected with inactivity. I felt that I have been made to sit idly. My parents, relatives and friends started terming me as the King of idleness. They were true to a great extent. Even my mom had to feed me in this matured age as I was reluctant to take my foods by myself. So, I turned into the laughing object for all and I, in fact, did not care about the issues. My mom also helped to complete my school and college home works. I was also dependent on my siblings for some of my tasks like I asked them to have some chocolates for me from the superstores or sometimes I asked them to bring some books for me. But if I wanted, I could have done the works all by myself. My laziness did not allow me to do the things. But when I was in my university, I had to change my idleness and lifestyle

I needed to do all the things by myself. Living in a dormitory does not allow the students to keep their parents with them for the household chores!!! Everyone here needs to do their own work. I had to clean my clothes, at times make my coffee as well as clean the room. Often my parents came to visit me at the dormitory and they were surprised to see me doing the necessary things for me that I could not do at home. When a student is in university level, s/ he comes to a point where there are fewer chances to rely on others. When a student enters into a graduate level, s/he becomes capable of taking care of them. They do not need someone else to depend on for the daily activities. Rather, relying on others sound weird in this stage. So, for me, the changes were required as I entered into my university

The effects of the change were wonderful. When I used to rely on others for my purposes, I experienced a combined reaction from them. Some of them criticised me for being lazy and I got hurt with the negative criticism. Some others were on the view that my parents are caring me much which will have a detrimental impact on me in later stages. But some of my relatives and friends were sympathetic to me and tried to defend me in such situations. But when I changed, I mean removed my laziness from my life, everyone seemed to be happy about me. They were happy as I did all my necessary things by myself. In fact, I was too lazy and I became dependent on others. Everyone, especially the family members of mine, helped me greatly in providing all the necessary supports. They never declined with any of my demands. But now, I am able to complete all of my necessary things all alone. My life has greatly been changed

Removing the idleness was the best ever change in my life and I was happy with that. Now I am in my third year of graduation and able to do all the necessary things for me. I do not need to be dependent on someone else to do my homework or assignments. I am able to do everything, alone. I can now move from place to place, alone. I can ride on public transports and sometimes I cook for me as well. The changes are positive for me and I am able to cope up with every situation once which was impossible for me. The removal of idleness from my nature has made me a self-reliant man. I am now confident to perform all the tasks for me and even I help others in their needs. All these are shaping me into a new form. I love the change.

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