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Describe an important email you have received

Describe an important email you have received

You should say:

  • Who sent it to you
  • When you got it
  • What was it about

And explain why this email was important to you

Sample Answer:

I have received many important emails and out of these, I would like to talk about the email that I got from the HR of a Telecom company that confirmed my part time job there. When I was a student of 6th semester of the university, I needed to manage a part-time job. I applied for several jobs but my dream job was to work as a consultant for a major telecom company in my country. It was not easy to get the job as so many candidates apply for the job and the company prefers the full-time employees than the part-time employees

One day I got an email from Mr. Atherton (…say a name common in your country…) and I found that it was from the telecom company where I was interviewed. It was early November 2001 and that time I was around 22 years old. I opened the email went to the details of the email very quickly. My heart was pounding and I felt really good when I found that the email confirms my appointment as a part-time employee for this company. I re-read the email and took a print out as well. The email was sent to me by the Head of the Human Resource department of the company

It was a very important email for me as I was desperately expecting to work for this company and the email confirmed my joining there. Secondly, this was the first job confirmation of my life and I needed this job at that time. So this was very exciting news for me and that’s why this was a very important email for me

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