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Describe an important export item in your country

Describe an important export item in your country

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How it is produced or manufactured
  • Who work to make it

And explain why it is an important export item in your country

Sample Answer:

There are quite a few significant export items we have in our country which bring a large portion of our total foreign revenue and help up boost up our overall economy and among them I would like to talk about the tea we export to more than 20 countries. In our country, a vast area is used for growing tea plants and the quality we produce for war and packet tea is world class. This is, in fact, one of the top 5 gross foreign earning export items for us

The tea is mainly produced in the hill track and low area of the southern part of our country where we have a large number of farmers working on that. The weather, rain and land required for good tea productions are available in this part of the country and we have many industries there to collect and produce the finest tea

The tea gardens are owned by either individuals or government and they engage a large number of farmers to work on the tea gardens. After the tea leaves are ready to be collected, the farmers and other workers collect those leaves, clean it and then send it to the factories there those leaves are processed and after rigid quality assurances and strict guidance those are made ready to be packed

The tea industry is a vast area where lots of people in different sectors are involved including farmers, caretakers, factory workers, manufacturers, engineers, QA, food officers, packing workers, transportation and preserving workers. Besides these, the owners and their appointed officers and employees also work in this industry

Tea is one of the major foreign revenue earning sources for our country and we produce high-quality products. Around 2% of our total population is directly involved in this sector and this has created a huge job opportunity. Moreover, this industry is expanding year by year and we are getting more countries in our export list. In terms of a major production of our country, job opportunity, foreign revenue earning, tea is a very important export items for us.

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