Describe an important historical event in your country


Describe an important historical event in your country

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • What happened
  • Who the most important people involved were

and say why it is important to the history of your country

Sample Answer:

India is one of the largest countries in the Southeast Asia and has been dominated by the British Empire for around 200 years. The country has gained independence in 1947 and by the same time got separated from Pakistan

It was truly difficult to divide the countries based on the religious beliefs and the issue was a potential one during the independence period. At that time, people started killing each other based on their religious views which went beyond control. As a result, the necessity of two sovereign states appeared before the Congress and the creation of India and Pakistan was done. The Hindu people started living in India while the Muslims started living in Pakistan. A great dispute arose inside the continent only over the religious views and the followers of one religion could not tolerate the followers of the other religion. So, the higher authorities got worried over the issue and they started to ponder over the separation. The then British government finally separated the two states and the separation is also better known as the Independence Day for Pakistan and India. Now Pakistan observes the day on August 14 while India celebrates the day on the following day – August 15. Due to the separation, some of the parts have still been disputed and some of the parts of Kashmir have occupied space of both of the countries which also create conflicts between the countries. There are no solutions have been found yet against the problem

The entire region was ruled by the British Empire before the partition. When the British started exploiting the natives, a sense of deep dissatisfaction emerged among the locals and they started anti-British movements aiming to gain independence. But at the same time, there were some communal riots inside the country which killed a notable number of people following Hinduism and Islam. So, the issue turned into a concerning one for the British government and then it decided to wrap up its rule from the region. But when the decision was made, a demand came for tow independent states to reduce the communal riots. In the communal riots, it is estimated that around two million people were killed of different religions. As a result, the Congress decided to make to sovereign states named India and Pakistan. Later Pakistan was split into two states named Pakistan and Bangladesh while India was named as the Union of India (and later the name was changed to the Republic of India). Due to the partition, Bengal turned into the province of Pakistan and consequently gained independence from a bloody war in 1971. After the partition, many of the Muslims migrated in Pakistan while many members of following the other regions migrated in India

The then entire Congress was behind the partition and the name of Mahatma Gandhi is a remarkable one with the name of Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, and Maulana Azad among others is notable. Each of them has played important roles to achieve the independence and separation of the country. Though Mahatma Gandhi did not want to split the country based on religious conflicts and unstable situation, later he changed the mind. He agreed to the separation and thought that would be beneficial for all the people following different religious beliefs

To be frank, the independence and separation of India and Pakistan are of great benefits for the both the Hindus and the Muslims. Due to communal beliefs, they got involved in riots which took away many innocent lives. By the same time, the situations inside the country turned worse for several reasons. The scenarios could have worsened if the necessary declarations would not come to separate the countries. Finally, the declaration of two sovereign states resolved the issue. After the separation, a mass migration took place between the countries and currently they are moving for progress. If the separation was not made at the right time, the communal killings would raise more than imagination. The Hindus were on the view that in the country they are the majority and the Muslims should not get privilege like them. One the other side, the Muslims did not obey the directives and this got locked into disputes which caused the riots. So, for the separation there are no such riots are prevailing and people are living peacefully. Thereby, the independence and partition were important for the country.


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