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Describe an item that you received and became happy about

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe an item that you received and became happy about

You should say:

  • when you received it
  • what the item was
  • who gave it to you
  • and explain why you felt happy upon receiving it

Sample Answer:

I have crossed my 20 last week and had a fabulous birthday party where I received the most desired item in my life. My father presented me the item and it was a great event for me. Since the party was arranged on a smaller scale, I was unable to invite everyone related to me. Here is a brief description of the event. And thank you so much for asking me about the matter

I am now 21 and having my post-graduation at a local university in Malaysia. I live with my family which consists of only four members. So, when the event was organised there were only a few people other than my family members. The event was held in the evening and I was completely unaware of this. In fact, it was a surprise for me marking my outstanding score in my graduation that I completed a couple of months ago. In the evening father returned home with a package which he gave me later on the day

I was trying to get an iPhone 7. But it was difficult for me to manage the sufficient money to get the device. Usually, I am an iOS user and been using the device since 2013. So, my phone became older and the performance slowed down to a great extent. Getting the phone set as a gift item was the best ever present I received so far. As a student, it is troublesome for me to arrange such a huge amount of money to purchase the iPhone. Despite being an expensive device, this is a great one and provides a continuous service without any trouble. I was planning to upgrade but could not make everything in order. So, it was a pleasing matter for me to get the piece as a gift item

My father gave it to me. He actually does not show his affection to me frequently but when shows, it is really pleasant. He is the man who knows what to do and when to do. I told him earlier that I am saving money to get a new iPhone during our usual conversations. He noted the point but did not express his intention to present me with the device. It was around one year ago when I informed about my plan. Time passed by naturally, I completed my graduation and got admission for my post-graduation. By this time, I was unable to save all the money I needed to buy a new iPhone. I had only one-third of the total amount. So, I was waiting to save all the money need to get a new device. But my father completed my dream

I was extremely happy with the present after I received it. In fact, it was kind of unexpected event for me. My father has comprehended the necessity and accordingly managed that for me. He did not tell anyone about the item before and surprised us all. My mother was also happy to see me happy with the iPhone. But it was the happiest moment for me. I was not so glad about this iPhone when I scored the highest CGPA in graduation ceremony among the other students. In fact, my joys knew no bounds after receiving the device. My father told me that the iPhone was the reward for me from him on my birthday. I thanked him wholeheartedly for it.

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