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Describe an occasion when you borrowed something from others

Describe an occasion when you borrowed something from others

You should say:

  • what you borrowed
  • when you borrowed it
  • whom you borrowed it from

and explain why you borrowed the thing

Sample Answer:

Well, I can think of many occasions when I had to borrow important things from others and for this cue card topic, I will talk about such an occasion when I borrowed a pen from an unknown person when I was in a bank

I had to borrow a pen to correct the amount I wrote on a cheque leaf and to add a new signature below it. This was an ordinary gel pen that I bowed from a person who was also in the bank to withdraw money. I can’t recall his name but he was standing just behind me on the cashier counter

It was probably 6 or 7 months ago when I went to my bank to withdraw some money. I wrote the cheque and signed it from home and went to the bank to withdraw the amount. I waited about 20 minutes in the queue and when I handed over the cheque to the cashier, she informed me that my current balance does not cover the amount I have written on the cheque and my savings account does not permit over-limit. She requested me to rewrite and figure so that she can give me the allowed amount. After she returned the cheque leave which I was supposed to correct, I found that I totally forgot to bring a pen. I asked the cashier if she had a spare pen and she told me that she had lent a pen to a customer and could not find it. I was quite embarrassed and had no other option but to ask the person for a pen who was standing behind me. He smiled and borrowed me a pen that I used to correct the cheque. After I finished with the correction, I thanked that person and showed my gratitude for lending me the pen. I asked his name and it was probably Richard or Ricardo, which I am not quite sure now

Borrowing something in desperate moments is something we cannot avoid and I think there are several occasions when I had to do it. The particular even I talked about is a moment I needed the pen and had no other way than to borrow it from someone.

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