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Describe an occasion when you waited for someone

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe an occasion when you waited for someone

You should say:

  • who you waited for
  • when and where you waited for the person
  • how long you waited for the person
  • and explain why you waited for the person and how you felt about it
  • Sample Answer:

I must confess that waiting for someone for a long is something I am never fond of, particularly if this person is supposed to arrive at a time that we both agreed upon. This topic reminds me a time when I had to wait for my best buddy, John, at a park nearby my home and he showed up at least two hours late than he was supposed to

It was about a year ago when John invited me to visit his hometown during our semester break. I convinced my parents that I will go to John’s hometown for only a couple of days just to refresh myself and to enjoy the beauty of a suburban area. However, we fixed a date and in the morning John called me that he will pick me from the park and I should reach there within 30 minutes. I left home after 20 minutes and thought John would come anytime to pick me up. The horrible waiting experience then started and as I remember I had to wait at least 2 hours till John finally arrived

I had no idea that John would arrive so late and I could not reach him on his cell phone though I tried several times. At a time I started worrying that John must have been in some kind of problems and I thought to return home. However, something inside me told that John would not abandon the tour without any valid reason and he must have been in some kind of emergency. The waiting time somehow seems longer than usual and waiting for two hours seemed like so long to me. I felt anxious for the first 30 minutes and then started worrying about John. At a time I started feeling stupid for leaving before John reached. I even felt angry and thought to cancel the tour. So I would say my experience was not good while I was waiting for him

However, when John arrived and explained that he had to run to a hospital where his uncle got admitted all of a sudden and could not contact me due to the mobile network, I felt calm and considered the reason a valid one for the delay

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