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Describe an outdoor activity that you would like to try for the first time

Describe an outdoor activity that you would like to try for the first time

You should say:

  • What it is
  • When and where you would do it
  • What preparations and equipment you would need

and explain why you want to try this activity

Sample Answer:

Golf is a popular sport all over the world and I have never played it. This time, I am planning to play a mini golf and this is the first time for me to grab the club and hit the ball

Golf has a reputation across the globe as the sport of rich people and also requires patience. Actually, golf requires a lot of patience and perseverance and the sense of perfect timing is also an important issue to play golf. I have seen the sport on television and once I also went with my parents to watch a match. But I did not have the chance to participate in the sport and even I did not know the rules as well. So, in the next fall, I have decided to start playing mini golf and after having proper practice in the golf course, I will take part in mini tournaments also

When my college will be closed for summer next, I will participate in the sport. There are different mini golf courses are available across the United States but among them, the Par-King is most famous, and might be the best mini golf course in the world. The golf course is located near my locality in Illinois. The course is suitable for all types of golfers and even one can visit the course with their families too. The course has different attractive spots and objects that amuse the golfers by the same time during their play. Besides, the prices are also reasonable on the golf courses which is unusual in the other courses

For playing golf, one does not need a lot of preparations. But some specific things should be there before starting the sport. Firstly you should have your own club, and accordingly, I have bought three nice clubs to use during the tournament and for my regular practice, I have got two clubs of standard size and quality. I have also bought two dozens of balls for practice and six pieces for the tournament. Besides, I have also hired an instructor to teach me golf as I do not know anything about the sport. The instructor will teach me during the practice at the golf course

Golf is a popular sport and people play golf for different reasons. I would like to play it as I do not have any previous experience. Moreover, the golf courses are decorated beautifully with greeneries, attractive spots and delicious foods. Besides, the air in the golf courses is fresh due to the natural environment. If I play golf, I would be able to take my parents and sister to the golf course which is not possible always for the outdoor activities. As I will participate in the mini golf completion, I will have a chance to meet with other people which will be beneficial for me in the long run. If I go to travel to a distant place with my friends and other mates, I will be out of home for a longer period but I will be able to get back home by the end of the day from the golf course and tournament. Thereby, I want to take golf as my outdoor activity in the fall next.

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