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Describe how you behaved in a stressful situation

Speaking Part 2

Describe how you behaved in a stressful situation

You should say:

  • what the situation was
  • how you behaved
  • how other people might have behaved

and explain how you felt about your behaviour afterwards

Sample Answer:

Recently, I got divorced and it was a stressful situation for me. I think I was not guilty enough that my ex-husband got separated. Actually, he was in love with another woman in a bar in Hong Kong where he worked as the barkeeper. I do not know how everything happened and it was all on a sudden that I got the divorce documents sent from my ex-husband. So, I was worried. This is a smart cue card question for me and I will explain the matter in brief

Actually, I could not tolerate the matter at all. I turned mad in emotions and could not bear the fact he left me for another girl. I loved him from the deep of my heart but he was a traitor. It was tougher for me to accept that he really got separated from me. We made a family for over five years and everything was destroyed. I lodged a complaint against him with the local police station pressing the charges that he divorced me without any solid reasons

I think the reactions of other people would be the same. In some cases, the behaviours would be too rude and even may lead to serious accidents. Actually, women with the soft mind like me are unable to bear the matters. They want happy families but such disasters will ruin their lives

I did not feel any sense of guilt. It was my natural reaction and it would be the same for the others too. Everything was settled later and the man has been providing a monthly allowance for me and my baby boy of two years old. I am happy that I was calm and did not commit any serious mistake that would have been harmful to me in the later stages.

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