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Describe how you usually spend time with your friends

Speaking Part 2

Describe how you usually spend time with your friends

You should say:

  • how often you meet them
  • what you do together
  • where you go together

and say how much you enjoy spending time with your friends

Sample Answer:

Thanks a lot for this cue card topic. I will tell you how I spend time with my close buddies, what I do with them, where we go and how often I meet them

Well, to begin with, I have more than ten friends and three of them are very intimate friends of mine. I meet those close friends two to three times per week on an average and sometimes more than that

Whenever I am with those friends, we have endless topics to talk about and our conversations continue for hours. Sometimes we talk about ourselves, our family, sports we like, celebrities we admire people we hate, things we should be doing, politics, movies, music, literature, books we enjoy reading, science, recent events, history and so on. Topics we discuss or debate about often change and our conversation shifts its direction. When we do not talk or gossip, we play computer games or do cycling together. Often we visit different places together and love to explore different places. Recently, we went to an art museum and enjoyed our time in a new town, far away from our own. That would be around a month ago and it was a memorable event for all of us

To answer the last question, who does not enjoy spending time with friends? In fact, some people become our dear friends because we like to spend time with them. Good friends remain close to our heart and they have a special place in our life. My friends are very important to me and I feel completely freed and exhilarated. With them, I do not need to pretend anything and I can be completely myself. This is probably true for everyone who has good friends.

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