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Describe people that you know and believe to be very good parents

Describe people that you know and believe to be very good parents

You should say:

  • Who are they
  • How did you meet them
  • Why do you think they are good parents

and explain what it requires to be good parents

Sample Answer:

My grandpa and grandma, in my opinion, are the best parents I know about. Though they’re not with us anymore for the last 3-4 years or so (God rest their souls in peace), I have known them for almost all of my life. They had 5 sons and daughters and all of them are good human, established in the society, doing good for people and are exemplary for others

My grandfather was a government service holder and grandma was a housewife. They have cared their children more than their lives. They made sure all of their children get proper education and lead a healthy life. They taught my uncles, father and aunts about the humanity and kindness. They always treated their children as the most important things in their lives. Even when I was 10-11 years old, I found that my father shares many of his personal things with grandpa like a friend. All of my uncles and aunts treated their parents with utmost respect and surprisingly they were so frank and close to each other. Two of my uncles are doctors, 1 uncle is an architect, my father is a professor and my aunt is a lawyer. They are all doing great in their professions and for that their parents’ contribution worked as the primary factor

To be good parents, father and mother need to primarily focus on their children’s welfare and future. They need to devote themselves and carry out great responsibilities. They need to sacrifice their own lives and make sure that the children grow up in a good environment with proper education and morality

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