Describe something you have that you no longer use


Describe something you have that you no longer use

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how long you have it
  • how you used it in the past

and explain why you no longer use it

Sample Answer:

This is indeed an interesting topic and I still have some such items that I no longer use. The bicycle that I was given on my 12th birthday is one such item that I do not use anymore. In my early teenage, I used to use it almost everytime I went somewhere

This bicycle was one of the greatest gifts in my life. My father bought it for me on my 12th birthday. It’s been more than a decade and I still have it. Back in our days, riding a bicycle was very popular. Most of my friends owned a bicycle. It was quite a common mode of transportation type at that time and even adults used it more than they do today. Every time I went outside, I took my bicycle. I often raced with my friends and went far away with my friends after I owned a bicycle. I rode the bicycle till I turned 17 years old when I bought a motorbike

Since, I am the youngest brother among our siblings, no one used it after I replaces it with a motorbike. Honestly speaking, riding a bicycle was hundred times safer than riding a motorbike. I was a very cautious about riding the bicycle except while racing! I cannot recall any major accident during the days when I used to ride the bicycle. On the contrary, I had few dangerous accidents while I rode the motorbike. As I was not fully grown-up at the time I rode the bicycle, I had some restrictions imposed by my elder brother and parents. Those days were quite different and owning a bicycle was a distinctive experience for me. There were times I really did not need to go outside but I made excuses to go out and ride my bicycle. This was not true when I became an adult and owned my own motorbike

Why I no longer use the bicycle? Well- this is most probably because I am no longer a teenager! When I turned 17, I bought a motorbike and after 2 years, my family bought a car. The motorbike and car have somehow replaced the need of this bicycle. The shape and design of the bicycle were suitable for a teenager and not quite so for an adult. My childhood and adult days were quite enchanting and riding a bicycle was like being in a fairyland. On the other hand, these days, it is no longer an ideal mode of a vehicle in terms of speed. I mostly need to travel far away and a bicycle would not be able to provide the speed I need. However, a bicycle is an eco-friendly transportation and I still miss those days when I felt like the King of the street with my beautiful bicycle


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