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Describe something you would like to do if you were given a day off

Speaking Part 2

Describe something you would like to do if you were given a day off

You should say:

  • what you will do
  • where you will do it
  • what you will need to do it

and explain why you will need day off to do it

Sample Answer:

Day off is a rare thing for me due to my occupational engagement. I am a gymnasium instructor by profession and thus I have to remain busy round the week or month

If I could get a day off, suddenly, I will do only a single thing. Though there a wide number of tasks to pass a day off, I will follow a different idea. I like to watch Hollywood movies and in fact, I am a fan of action and drama movies made in Hollywood. So, when I will get the day off, I would like to watch movies. I have a huge collection of DVDs but I cannot enjoy those for the want of time. I have a plan to watch as much of the movies possible in a single day. Thus, I have accumulated the movies and waiting for an unexpected day off from the role of a gym instructor

Watching movies is fun when you will have companies. But in this case, I would like to watch the movie on my residence where nobody could reach me. The taste of watching movies alone is also different. I have a small living room at my home which is decorated with a nice set of sofa, a television, and few small chairs. I will play the movie on the television with the DVD player and sit back on the sofa. This is my own special style for watching movies. I try to have a comfortable position and thus move my legs frequently while I am sitting on the sofa. Sometimes I bend my legs and sit on the sofa and some other times I keep the legs straight and touching the ground

To watch the movies, I will need a personal computer to play the movies. But a television set with a DVD player will also do the same. Though I have a personal computer, it is located in my bedroom and I cannot bring it in the living room for lack of space. So, I will use the television set with the DVD player. The television set hangs on the wall while the DVD player is connected to the television with a cable. Besides, I will also need a set of large amplifiers. Usually, small amplifiers cannot create a loud environment which is a must for enjoying movies. Sometimes, I may in need of snacks, so enough snacks should be with me during the movie watching hours

Life is getting busier. Managing extra times for leisure is rare in the current days. With the modernization of the civilisation, people are getting engaged with their respective activities. So, they cannot perform the desired things they want to do. I am also like the other common people who are always busy. So, having a day off is of great importance to me. Despite being a movie lover, I cannot manage enough time to enjoy movies. Due to my engagement with the gymnasium, I have to be occupied. A good number of people come to the gym at different times of the day and I have to instruct them accordingly. So, if I could get the day off, it would be of great help to me. It will allow me enjoying the movies that I have been longing to watch for a long time.

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